Shadows Single

I've updated the Discography to include the Shadows single. The release will include 3 b-sides and the CD version will contain a Quicktime video for "Shadows" directed by Fizzy Eye (who did the artwork for all of the Wagon Christ releases on Ninja Tune as well as Tally Ho!). Release date is September 27th.

New Messageboard

The Wagon Christ Messageboard has been moved and redone with a different board format. You can find the board here:
I hope everyone enjoys the board and if you don't already, head on over and join the community.

Lots of Info

The Planet-Mu release labeled ZIQ097 has been confirmed as a collection of Luke's 2 acid ep's "Homewerk" and "95-99" being released for the first time on CD with some other new tracks thrown in for good measure (possibly).

A few more dates have been added to the Tour Section of the site. Check it out.

There was a chat session with Luke on the Ninja Tune forum this past Friday (I noticed a few of you asking questions on there). I'll post a trascription in a bit.

BJ Cole is releasing a new album, Trouble In Paradise on Cooking Vinyl that features tracks produced by Luke Vibert. The record is due out July 12th, 2004.

Luke Vibert and Jean-Jacques Perrey will appear in MOOG, a film about Robert Moog and his beloved synthesizer as well as contributing some original music to the soundtrack. The documentary has a planned September theatrical release and a December DVD release.

And the final bit of news, the video for "I Love Acid" is being released on a new DVD collection by Warp Records titled Warp Vision (The Videos 1989 - 2004). The collection features 32 videos by Warp Records artists and is due out on September 21st, 2004.

New Mu Release

Mike Paradinas notified that there will be a new Luke Vibert release on his Planet-Mu label sometime this year. So far, all that is confirmed is that the catalogue number is ZIQ097. More info when it comes.
Thanks Jake

Release and Tour

The release date for Sorry I Make You Lush has apparently been pushed back to June 21st, 2004. I don't know exactly why, but that's the deal for those of you that haven't been able to find it in stores.

There are also some summer festival dates added to the tour section of the site. Enjoy.


Some new tour dates have been added, including a small tour of Japan with Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell and a show in Turkey with U-ziq. Enjoy.

Lush Listing and Art

This Hungarian music site has the track listing and artwork for the new Wagon Christ album. Check it out. The Discography has been updated as well.
Thanks Milton


I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I have been unable to access the server recently and most of all Luke is sorry...sorry he made you lush. Yes, the title and release date for the long awaited Wagon Christ album on Ninja Tune has been released. The album Sorry I Make You Lush will be released on June 1st, 2004. The album will be preceded by the Saddic Gladdic 12" on May 18th, 2004. More info as it becomes available.

LV & JJP Track

There is a new Luke Vibert & Jean Jacques Perrey track on the Lo Recordings 2004 sampler titled "Frere Jacques".
Thanks guy

Black Devil

Luke provides a remix (as Kerrier District) of "Timing, Forget The Timing" on Rephlex's re-release of Black Devil's "Disco Club" EP. The EP does not have a release date as of yet, but I will let you know as soon as I know.


There is a new Wagon Christ track called "Saddic Gladdic" on the Ninja Tune 2004 sampler. Apparently copies are shipping with orders from the NinjaShop. Of course, this is good news for us because it signals that the oft-delayed "new" Wagon Christ album will finally be coming out this year!
Thanks kalpol_introl


You can download this nice little interview with Luke from the Big Day Out Festival in which he's asked mainly about Aphex Twin. About 7mb WMV file (you must have an app that plays Windows Media files). Thanks to aquagak for recording, encoding, and uploading this:

Vibert BDO 04


Luke teams up with Jean Jacques Perrey for a live appearance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The show will take place on March 15th, 2004. For more info, check the Royal Festival Hall website.
Thanks Rachael

You can find a Vibert set in audio form over at justmusic.com. The set is from the November 19th show in Vancouver, BC.
Thanks ob1kn0bi

And just as a reminder to you all, the Kerrier District album comes out next week on Rephlex Records. It appears to be the triple vinyl only at the moment, but as far as I have heard it will get a CD release as well. Also of interest is the Rephlex CAT 146EP, which appears to be a Black Devil rerelease...this name should sound familiar to you if you downloaded the clips posted with the Luke Vibert interview last year. More info when I get it.

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